2 Posts at one day huh?

But i'm gonna talk about a new update in BTD:Redux PTS that may come in the main redux when rachjumper is done working on a game.

There are 3 new updates

1 is a new gamemode I think its like the old before the dawn you have to survive until 6:00 am, am I wrong?

2 is a new map its a pirate map

and 3 IS A NEW SLASHER its based off of slenderman its called "The Grey Man" I'll tell you what he does

So basically what he does is like slenderman he starts off invisible and breaks the ability when you press F. The F ability is that his walkspeed is completely 0 and has a short cooldown. Any survivors near him when deal 45 damage while the radius is 45m but he's not as OP as you think. Baseball bat players can use the warrior ability and hit him. So be careful.

If you wanna try it out go to the BTD:REDUX PTS