This Wiki is based on the popular Roblox game Before The Dawn. The game has received its final update according to the developers on Discord.

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Game Info

Before The Dawn is a multiplayer Roblox game in which players either play as a survivor, hero, or slasher. It can be described as a cross between Dead by Daylight and the Friday the 13th Game.


Every player except 2 will spawn as a Survivor. The goal of the Survivors will be to complete objectives on a map and evade the slasher. Survivors can be use Abilities and Equipment to aid in their own survival or others.


One player will spawn as a Hero. Heroes are special classes that can help survivors by either directly supporting them with healing, or by attacking and stunning the Slasher. Heroes are also able to do the objective. Although Heroes cannot spawn with survivor preset Equipment and Abilities, Heroes will get their own Equipment and Abilities based on which one you pick.


One Player will as a Slasher. Slashers are the antagonists of the game. The objective of the Slasher is to kill all survivors and the hero. Slashers do not get their own Equipment, but instead get special powers that can be used to aid them in their objective.

Game Modes:

Currently, there are only five gamemodes in Redux:

  1. Repair the Generators:
    • Repair generators around a map to reveal exits and escape.
  2. Craft the Masterkey:
    • Find pieces of keys around the map to craft a masterkey and escape.
  3. Repair the Truck:
    • Find parts to a truck around the map and repair the truck to escape.
  4. Defeat the Slasher:
    • Survive until you are prompted to kill the slasher and win.
  5. Cursed:
    • Closest gamemode to the original old beta, you are inflicted with a curse that slowly drains your health. To counter the curse, you must find crystals around the map to lessen the effects of the curse.

There are variations to these gamemodes on some maps (Tantive IV uses a different model for generators), and the gamemodes are tied to specific maps.

There is also a special gamemode for the map Dungeon in which you complete the Altar, although this can be considered a variation.
Before The Dawn Review

Before The Dawn Review

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