If you wanna choose a really good slasher for BTD Redux then this is for you.

Here are the best slashers(I recommend and is my opinion) in BTD Redux

Miers: With the ability of increasing his crit damage and chance he is very good but the most important skin of him is Frozen, a really op skin with the crit chance of 40% and crit damage of 3x. Double those and that is a very powerful slasher. But sometimes speed can be his weakness but no worries as when he uses his ability he completely silences the heartbeat but watch out for spy drone players. Also I forgot the mention that Frozen has a short cooldown but a short duration

Jack: Has the same ability as Miers but the most important skin of him is Imperial its like the same as Frozen but the cooldown is longer and the duration is very long

Imperial or Frozen? Guide: If you don't know if Imperial Jack or Frozen Miers, here's a guide. Imperial Jack is good for taking out crowds while Frozen Miers is good for killing one person to another and you can spam the ability

Nightmare: His ability is to send players whoever is in his ability radius into the dream realm with about enough seconds to kill 2-4 people. The skin I think are 2 skins. 1 is Nightfall and 2 is Spectrum as both Nightfall and Spectrum have longer duration but longer cooldown but they can take down crowds and its good in Defeat The Slasher Gamemode, But Spectrum and Nightfall are kinda both different. Spectrum has a larger ability radius but Nightfall has a longer duration than him. If you think Red and Blue boxer are the best you're probably wrong because Blue and Red Boxer have shorter durations about 10 seconds which 1 to many players can escape in a dream realm with that much time easily but they do have shorter cooldowns but that doesn't matter because of the very short duration

Chainiac: This guy is one of my favorite slashers because his rapid damage,attack speed and long attack range makes him a pretty hard slasher to survive. The best skins are Dark Devil(for more attack range but it decreases damage), Chainiac's Wife(for more damage but it decreases attack range),Nightfall(for more damage and longer attack range but not as much as Dark Devil but it has a longer cooldown and a longer attack speed)

Project Nightfall: He has a very op ability with the ability to charge at a player and when on contact it literally instadowns them and that its talking about it

Slasher Rachjumper: I haven't really got this disaster but since I've seen people who use slasher rachjumper I think he is kinda op