Best Combos Edit

Sometimes you ask what is the best gear and ability should i use? Well here are Best combos some of them may not work for you but it can work for some people.

Baseball bat + Warrior:If you're good at hitting slashers with a baseball bat this ones for you it +50 health and stamina if you're low at health use you're baseball bat quickly as you can but be careful find the smartest way to get out so the slasher won't see you unless if the slasher has thermal vision.
Baseball bat + Silent: When hitting with the baseball hit to a slasher your silent breathing helps you to not let the slasher hear you unless if you do a taunt and also find the smartest way to get out as possible and sprint as you can but don't let it reach to 0 as it can make you breath louder making the slasher hear you.
Berserk + Stim: berserk was the new ability added in the update, it gives 200 health leaving you with 300, these make a good combination that allows you to easily outrun the slasher with your giant health and Stim which Will allow you to run without draining your stamina for a while.

Berserk + Metal chair: The metal chair gives you 50+ Hp when equipped, with metal chair and berserk you Hp will be higher at 350, plus when you hit the slasher with the metal chair it gives 15+ Hp and knocks the slasher back 15 meters, however this was changed of being unfair and now knocks the slasher 10 meters back

Camera + Warrior: Basically Baseball Bat + Warrior has a higher range but a higher cooldown but it is a good combo even with the high cooldown and if the slasher still hears you

This page isn't done yet so more editing to go