Project-0011 based off rachjumper's game "Nightfall." Although it is a much different variant.

Description Edit

Project-0011: "Nightfall" is an exclusive slasher. He has the face of Nightmare from the Old Beta, but has torn clothing and a long ponytail. The Slasher moves very quickly and uses various claws that emerge from both hands and feet.

To unlock this slasher, you must complete the Deluge Mountain game. Walkthroughs can be found on Youtube.

Abilities Edit

A guided charge attack; he summons a purple energy sword and when he gets within range he will impale his target and instantly incapacitate them.

Defeating Edit

Pay attention to the sound of his ability activating. While his ability is active he charges forward,but has trouble steering. Make sharp turns and attempt to get around obstacles so his attack doesn't land. He is locked in place when his ability ends, regardless if he landed it on a survivor or not.