No official name has been given for this slasher. It was made by rachjumper.

Description Edit

The Rachjumper slasher looks exactly like rachjumper, the main developer of BTD except it's red.

It throws small singularities out in front of him that seek survivors through walls and ceilings and hits them for 7.5 damage. These orbs slow down the survivor and can even down them through walls. The rate at which the singularities are thrown, especially for the Singularity skin, becomes faster the closer Rachjumper is to the survivors.

You unlock this slasher at rank 250, its Singularity variant at rank 1000, and the Nightfall variant is unobtainable.

Abilities Edit

It's ability is to shoot a larger singularity which stuns anyone nearby. Exploding the singularity causes everyone in it to take 50 damage.

How to Avoid Edit

Due to the nature and range of Rachjumper's projectiles, fleeing can prove quite difficult when already in range. It is best to have a sensor and/or stealth perk, and to remain out of range at all costs. Active monitoring and avoidance of Rachjumper is critical.