This Slasher Idea isn't for like a poll or something, its just a Slasher Idea I came up with so i decided "Why not show this idea to the BTD wikia?" so I did.

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Slasher Name:Colossal

Damage:22-33 its random

Attack Speed:3.1


Crit Chance: 21%

Crit Damage:1.9x

Ability/Power: Dashes, if it touches a player or dashes through a player they will be damaged 15 damage and while at the end it will throw a rock causing 15 damage too.Each attack in this ability/power does 3.5 second stun effect and a weak knockback effect.

Power Duration:3 Seconds

Power Cooldown:30 seconds

Taunt:A very loud and long roar

Taunt Cooldown:30 seconds

You can find the model here:

I know the model looks kinda crappy.