Description Edit

The Grey Man dons the appearance of the well known creepypasta known by another name called the Slenderman. The Grey Man wears a business suit and has seemingly no facial features with tentacles behind him. The Grey Man is always hidden when he does not use his ability

Ability Edit

The Grey Man's ability is revealing himself and damaging nearby survivors and heroes. This ability makes him unable to move for a few seconds from the position he used his ability. It also makes the camera focused on The Grey Man for a few intervals.

Defeating Edit

As said the Grey man will be stuck to his position, this can however disadvantage him as survivors can stun him or escape. This is a warning for The Grey man users, as if people use spy drone, it will break the The Grey man's invisibility as the spy drone can be useful and cover the slasher in red in a size of 500 meters. This is a disadvantage to using The Grey Man.