Name: Special operations

By "Ayyywadup"

Excerpt from a Training Officer's daily routine


"Sir Yes Sir!"


"Sir Yes Sir!"

"Whose life is more important!"

"The Innocents!"

"Who is the scum of the earth?!"

"Corruption!, Greed! And Criminality!"

The A.M.P.D (Advanced, Militarist, Police, Department) Are deployed only when even the S.W.A.T Can't handle the heat. Trained to fight blindfolded and topped head to toe with the best equipment available to them.

Stance/walking animation:Yes they have their own animation. Anyways lets get this over with.

The hero walks in a cautious formation with baton and AR-15 ready.(mainly just the baton).

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If G is pressed Toggles when to ready the baton or the AR-15.



If F is pressed.Hits the slasher,tripping the slasher then blinding and "freezing" the slasher


If F is pressed.Fires 15 rounds in front of the hero in a sweeping motion from left to right in a 45 degree angle.If the slasher is hit by any of the bullets fired.The slasher is tripped and then has a slower attack cool down with a loss of about 30% of the slashers sight range.

(Doesn't affect special ability's which have some sort of sight gain.such as Exterminator and Krasue.Slashers with thermal vision will only lose 10%.)





Baton range:5 studs

AR-15 range:40 studs

Ability cool down (Baton) :20

Ability cool down (AR-15) :50

Blind and "freeze" duration (Baton) :10

Slower attack cool down effect power (AR-15) :+700 milliseconds

Slower attack cool down duration (AR-15) :4

Sight range loss duration (AR-15) :8

Dodge chance:10%

Graze chance:35%

Passive traits:

1.Opens doors without cool down and can do so silently

2.Has passive night vision.note, the night vision is significantly better then the civilian one. It is improved in terms of concealment, brightness and the ability to see perfectly well in overwhelmingly dark light conditions.

3.If near the slasher.(About 60 studs near). The hero will stop,raise his hand and say "Hold it","Stay back","Exercise caution","Assailant is nearby,Stay cautious". Does not happen when doing a special ability. Except for switch

4.If the hero is killed.A new one will arrive in either a minute or 30 seconds.Limit of 3 returns.If dead.Can only spectate with cams attached to the survivors heads and provide useful information.

Hero arrives by jumping off a helicopter. When the hero drops,every survivor is notified of the Hero's landing position and if the Hero is Dead or Alive. Hero lands in a area of his choice

5.Revives people faster.(Revival time: 10 seconds)

Requirements to unlock:

must be level 15.

must've survived a round (not necessarily win) with these hero's."Police Officer" and "Riot S.W.A.T".

must've won a round with these slashers.The murderer,Miers and Chainiac.





Cosmetic changes:The hero is now changed into a sort of survivor.With a biker jacket,boots,denim pants and...etc.The classic wasteland survivor.

The Militia now says "That damn bugger's 'round here!","I hear him!","Damn-it it's around 'ere" and "Oh no" if he's near the slasher.

Stat changes:




Ability cool down (AK-47) :25

Blind and "freeze" duration (Spiked baseball bat) :6