A good hero,or a good slasher.Starts off with a idea.A good idea.Will result in a good character.This page will aid you in finding.A great idea.


1.When making a idea.Make sure to identify every detail. here,we have two ideas.Both are the exact same idea.However,one has more details then the other.

Hey guys heres a good idea

The engineer.He has highish health.he is also abit slow.

His ability allows him to fix gens faster.and can also stun the slasher and trip him over

He costs 100 points

That is the first representation of the idea.Below is the second representation of the idea


Appearance:Wears apparel used for welding,also wears a welding mask.Wields a standard wrench in his right hand and a toolbox in the other.

Passive traits:Fixes generators at 2X the speed.Emits a clunky sound when walking or sprinting

Ability:Strikes foward with his wrench,if it hits a generator,it will fix it by 60%. If it hits the slasher,it will stun and trip the slasher for 3 seconds







Ability cooldown:40

Ability range:2


As you can see.When put side by side,the bottom one clear dwarfs the other in comparison,i hope you've learned a lesson from this tip

2.If a idea is too strong/weak.It's not very good.Sometimes.Some ideas need a few Nerf Darts/Steroids.

3.Use Roblox studio.Very good when figuring out the ranges,size,AOE (That's Area Of Effect.)and character proportions (Width,Length,Height etc).And if you wanna be very good.Post a Roblox picture showing your Hero/Slasher/Equipment/Map etc

4.Take your time."A delay is temporary,but a bad idea,is bad forever"